Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Price of Onion (2000)

Ashok Desai
To understand everyday economics (Socio-economic) for layman this is a sincere effort by Ashok Desai, advisor of Manmohan Sing’s congress government in the time of reform during 1991-92.

Book is in the form of case studies supported by Indian historic statistical data of regular use commodities like onion, ghee, oil, cereals and how price fluctuation takes place. Onion is the metaphor represents how unorganized sector like India fluctuate in it’s prize and to deal this sort of fluctuation how government reacts (some time wrong way) and what should be long term solution. It also talks about commodity prize governing mechanisms in the developed countries like USA and Europe.

This book also helps reader to understand prize mechanism of macro (international) level to micro level like mandi, and it makes us understand the complication involved. I am sure after reading this book reader feels happy on the regular irritating “NEWS of prize increase” on media, because he/she understand it well reason behind it…

The book concludes with an outline how policy making can make a difference in the economy of unorganized commodity sector like India.

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