Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Lexus and the Olive tree (1999)

To understand globalization and its impact on the society this is very good book to start with by Thomas Friedman columnist for The New York Times.

Lexus is the car manufacturing company, suppose to be very high tech uses all the robotics, where as Olive tree is cultural symbol of traditional trees grown in china house hold. Book talks about the global impact of free economy, with lucid examples easy to understand. Being columnist for NYT author got ample opportunities to visit various countries for more than decade at various instances so he added all the knowledge, experiences and personal flavor, quotes in this book which compels reader to read.

Book is full of examples how democratic, capitalist, communist, sociologist petrol pump works toward customer. Jokes on the corruption in the various countries… Historic evidences, analysis and comparisons of various companies and policy…how some adapted globalization and how some failed

There are two ways to make person feel homeless, one is to destroy his home and other is to make his home look and feel like everybody’s home

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