Sunday, December 6, 2009

Free to choose (1980)

Book talks about the crux of capitalism, freedom and importance of government. For this book and work in economic study Milton and Rose Friedman (Husband wife) awarded with Nobel Prize, and TV serial is made in the form of documentary of the same name.

Every day each of us uses innumerable goods and service, to eat, to wear, to shelter, simplify life, to enjoy. We take for granted that they will be available when we want to buy them. We never stop to think how many people have played a part in one way or another in providing this goods and services, how it is that most of us are able to earn the money to buy the goods.

No industrialist wake up in morning and say I need to pollute environment, rather he says I need to produce bread of the cost that normal person can afford, so to bake the bread he can not use the costly methods (solar/nuclear/clean fuel) rather he stick with cost effective means…

Chapters: The power of the market, The anatomy of crisis, who protects the customer and worker, the cure of inflation, what is wrong with our school

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