Monday, December 21, 2009

Future Shock (1970)

Alvin Toffler
Future shock written in 1970, gives insights into the working of organizations in the future (which is today) and to the surprise it is very correct. When today I am working in organization I can understand now what author wanted to tell almost three decade before
It is regarded as masterpiece on futurology…

Book talks about organizational behavior change, from typical governmental bureaucracy to flat structure (Adhocracy), where working people will take decision regarding projects.
It will make organization unstable but very fast in the decision making. Organizational growth will be more depends on mergers and acquisitions which we can see now as a mantra for growth.
One get amazed with Toffler’s vision… need to read his latest book of the series Revolutionary Wealth (2006) after Third wave (1980)
“The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn”.
“The next major explosion is going to be when genetics and computers come together. I'm talking about an organic computer - about biological substances that can function like a semiconductor.”

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