Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crime and Punishment (1866)

When I read about Dostroyevsky, I could not believe, he finished writing this book in hurry since he was in need of money; I thought it is well researched book. I look at this book as applied psychology manifesto, some time psychological thriller. Book is written in two parts like sinocidal curve: it begins, reaches at peak and then calms down.

Protagonist Raskolnikov is student with radically different thinking looses his distinction between right and wrong. He feels that some people are more important than other, and in case of need they can take there life also, something similar like soldiers sacrificing life for protection of king, but in normal life scenario and he commits crime and doesn’t feel any guilt for his deeds… but as we progresses through book it shows how he develops guilt and get his redemption.

Book is bit difficult to understand because of its complex structure and translation. Most of the book talks about inner conflicts rather than plot. I feel that it is roller costar ride of reader through the mind ok Raskolnikov and his ideology. Must read book for people interested in applied study of psychology not recommended for thriller/crime loving…

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