Sunday, December 13, 2009

When Corporation rule the world (1995)

David C. Kprten
When Corporations Rule the World provides a hope for global reforms by which we may reclaim our power to localize economies while globalizing…

This is one of the few books just doesn’t talk about the problem of current economic crises but also tries to find out the solution. One must read this book to understand globalization, it make more sense after you read “Lexus and Olive tree”.
We have to be more “compassionate” toward life as whole, to sustain in this ever growing economy. I never thought the usage of this term in economics but it is compelling thought and very correct for new wave of social enterprising…
Book has lot of insight stories about corporate governance, strategies (shifting copper mine from Japan to Indonesia), powerful people how they manipulate stock market, noncompetitive strategy in automobile industry to fix the cost.

Cowboy in the spaceship, Contest for the sovereignty, Corporate Colonialism, A rogue financial system, No place for people, Reclaiming the power

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