Monday, November 23, 2009

The Turning Point

We are in the constant search of meaning in life; we want to relate knowledge of everything with everyone, to get some relationship among it which we can understand, we can use/relate…from history of civilization to globalization, theoretical physic explanation of big bang theory to economical crises, religion to politics, isentropic/adiabatic process to atmosphere, yin-yang theory to economics…I never understood before the why entropy of the universe always increases and its relation to second law of thermodynamics and hardly we get a reference book to start with and I feel this book exactly does this job.

Fritjof Capra gives the term “Fossil Fuel civilization” to current generation since there growth is totally depends on the fossil fuel.

Topics: The Turning of the Tide, The Newtonian World-Machine, The New Physics, The Mechanistic View of Life, The Biomedical Model, Newtonian Psychology, The Impasse of Economics, The Dark Side Of Growth, The Systems View of Life, Wholeness and Health, Journeys Beyond Space and Time, The Passage to the Solar Age

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