Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Prophet

I feel “The prophet” is book of wisdom full of philosophical thoughts and amazing use of metaphors to explain them by Khalil Gibran. Some books are published with his paintings also. Rather than spiritual book design students should read this book to understand the usage of metaphors. The prophet is the commentary about regular life issues and concerns like what is life: Love, Marriage, Children, Giving, Eating and Drinking, Work, Joy and Sorrow, Houses, Clothes, Buying and Selling, Crime and Punishment, Laws, Freedom, Reason and Passion, Pain, Self-Knowledge, Teaching, Friendship, Talking, Time, Good and Evil, Prayer, Pleasure, Beauty, Religion, and Death

E.g. when some one asks prophet what is house; he explains house is like eye. It is always open to see and closes as the danger comes, so house should be such… amazing thought I never got this type of explanation in any architectural books and philosophy I read so far…

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