Sunday, November 8, 2009


One more philosophical masterpiece by Hermann Hesse… I never could understand how foreigner (I used this word because of cultural and language barriers) like Hermann Hesse can understand so nicely the deep meaning of Indian ancient thoughts like spirituality, concept of Om, Hinduism, Buddhism so effectively and can use it as backdrop for a plot to tell simple story what is life?

For long time I was avoiding the book, just because of it’s title. I thought it will be one more book of Siddhartha, or biographical account, but it is not. This is the simplest book I read about the application of Hinduism and Buddhism (I am using this term generically not specifically about one thing). This book made/helped me to visualize what is life, in the simple term, what is so special about Buddha’s smile how all the life is connected which talked in Bhagwatgita like river…

“You know how to speak cleverly, my friend. Be on your guard against too much cleverness.”

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