Sunday, November 8, 2009

Man’s search for meaning

Classic book from Dr. Victor Frankl, must read by everybody. It is divided into two parts autobiographical story of his struggle and survival from Nazi concentration camp, and other part of book is application of his psychological thought he developed and derived called logotherapy. This is the book which tries to answer the fundamental question everyone feels in some time of his life, what is the quest of life? What is the life itself? or something like why me? And I feel no other person can explain better than Dr. Franks, not only because of his break through research on psychology which challenges the classical or modern psychological theories by psychologist like Dr. fruid but also because the experiences he himself went through in the concentration camp which indirectly proves the merit of his thinking.

It but obvious that one will feel, why to live in the concentration camp where one get a treatment worsen than animal and so much hardship/pain to achieve what? Better to die and rest in peace (If we call so…)… and this book exactly talks about why not? It talks about the hope in life, and how the man’s in search of meaning in his life conquer all the odds…

Logotherapy is the application of his thoughts in the normal life problem as a psychologist Frankl offers to his patients, it is just amazing!
According to logotherapy, this striving to find a meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man, human existence. It challenges the Friedrich Nietzsche’s theory of super man in quite extend, and contradicts Sigmund Freud modern psycology. In today’s scenario of life I feel that Dr. Frankl’s theory explains and answers quite extend the psychological problem we are facing in the contemporary life style.

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