Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Five Point Someone

For long time I was avoiding this book because of its misleading title “Five point someone”, I thought it is typical, five, seven, or ten pointer book… but it is not!

When I started reading, I found it is quite interesting and nostalgic, it rememinds you the good old college days, and hostel life. Characters are very alive and I am sure this type of people/friend/character everyone knows in the hostel/college. I will say it is typical bollywood masala (They are making movie also) book with humor, story line, romance and twist.

More than a book I like the strategy of pricing this book, (it is already best seller English book in India) content that represents new generation (generation-x, fatafat generation, yangistan) mentality… I am looking forward to Chetan Bhagat as a new generation thought leader sort; I am not sure but why not?

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