Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beyond good and evil

One of the most complex and difficult to understand book I read until now, one of the reason is very old (1886) in language style and other could be topics/thoughts it described in it.

I think to appreciate this book one need to do some research on Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the most influential philosophers of 19th century from German, check on wikipedia his list of he influenced the people like Hitler, Ayn Rand, Hermann Hesse. Check his biography his likings in music, poetry and philosophy.
His most influential work include “God is dead”, “Superman”, “The will to power”, more information about his work we can obtain from “the story of philosophy by Will Durant”

Some of his concept I could understand on the analysis of his work provided by various writers/researchers through the internet. E.g. Nietzsche concept is like finding the ultimate rule to play universal game. When god was there he made rules to play universal game (only one and ultimate) say cricket, and it was working fine for long time, but as human society progresses they themselves found different games like football, hockey, but to play that games they need different rules (can not play with the cricket rules) they made and played, enjoyed but further problem started arising when human tried to understand which is the best game? In fact these are all different games (can not be compared), some philosophers (?) tried to make universal rule taking best of from each game rule, but result was; people could not play the game, they were self contradictory… and then there was a time of chaos, nobody knew what to do.. And hence Nietzsche says we lost the ultimate game rules, and hence the creator of rule and hence god is dead and to make new rules (ultimate rules of game we lost) we need superheroes which got capacity to write the new rules  hence the concept of super hero came… same with beyond good and evil… I think this is one of the best works I read. This concepts are very strong and challenges about your existence and thinking…
As and when I get time I would like to write more about some Nietzsche concepts I understood…

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