Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is satire; sharp look at so called revolution, and communal government by George Orwell. When leader behaves like master how society suffers. Beauty of the book is simplicity in the plot and clean humor. I don’t know how but so many reviews tell that characters in Animal Farm were inspired by the Russian Revolution and the events that followed.
Apart from book, so many times I think myself; is it possible to look everything flat, equal without division? What happens to food chain pyramid? How we can form sentence, word without division/group of alphabets? Are some are more important/privileged than other? Our human brain understands when we have logical chunks, groups, brackets… but it is up to us how we treat that… musical harmony can be created with the all types of notes, no one note is inferior/superior than other… only thing is that whether we need melody or chaos?

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