Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is the classical book of historian fiction about ancient Rome politics. The title itself is very powerful so I feel the need to understand the ancient political, socio-economical system, trumps and losses in Rome which will help me to understand current political scenario in our country (Which hardly changed). This is the story of Marcus Cicero written by household slave Tiro; his struggle to attain supreme power of Rome Imperium nearest thing below the heaven to immortality. It has quite interesting plots which proved the brilliancy/political supremacy of Cicero. Orator ship was the key of success at that time so how Cicero prepared it although he had ill health and physic, the training and practices he went through is an amazing account. The way court cases handled by him to the gaining the favors or votes in aristocrat elections. It is also an account of social structure; slavery, economical condition; bribes, aristocracy; power games, architectural development of Rome society; I think it is very brilliant effort and very difficult task Robert Harris has made successfully, but I found personally very difficult so many time to track the different character names and scenarios considering the complexity of story and difficult names.

“The art of life is to deal with the problems as they arise, rather than destroy ones’s spirit by worrying about themtoo far from advance”

“Words, words, words. Is there no end to the tricks you can make them perform?”

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